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Liquid Fertilizer 


Starter 8-32-5

Liquid Fertilizer  Solution With 50% SRN Plus Micros

Starter Fertilizer for newly seeded areas or newly transplanted plants
Promotes rooting and blooming
Plant starter & root developer

High phosphorus solution ideal for newly seeded areas. Foliar applications, hydroseeding and as a soil drench. 

Spec Sheet

Nitro 22-0-0

With 40% Smart Nitrogen & 4% Sulfur 

  • Economical Nitrogen for Lawn Care

  • Readily Available Sulfur

  • Quick absorption by the plant resulting in greener turf

  • Apply from early Spring, when soil temperatures are low, through Fall


Nitro 28-0-0

With 72% Slow Release Nitrogen 

  • Economical - Cost Effective Nitrogen

  • Dual efficiency - Foliar / Root Uptake

  • Non-Burning Low  Salt Index of Any Nitrogen 

  • Provides a Nitrogen Source for Weeks

Iron Max.jpg

Iron Max 6% 15-0-0 

With 2% Chelated Manganese & 3.5% Sulfur

  • Promotes Rapid Green-Up

  • Compatible With Technical Materials

  • 100% Chelated Iron & Manganese

  • Four essential Nutrients

  • Perfect Ratio of Fe, S and Mn

  • Solve Deficiencies Rapidly 


Recover RX 3-18-18

RX Foliar Formulation With Salicylic Acid, Phosphite & Phosphate Sources

  • Important for Plant Growth & Development 

  • Induces Thermotolerance (Against Heat Shock)

  • Helps Plant Recover from Stress Damage

Spec Sheet
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